Professional Editorial & Content Creation Services

 * Writing and editing for magazines, websites, newspapers, newsletters, brochures, and more

 * Desktop publishing for newsletters, brochures, business cards and other promotional materials

 * Managing content for websites, social networks and blogs

 * Producing and editing video projects for TV, DVD and the Web

Community-minded with a Broad Perspective                                   
​to Support a Variety of Clients including:                                 ​

* local governments   * educational institutions   * media outlets   ​                                 
* nonprofits ​* individuals  
* small businesses   * corporations                                

Connected to a Network of Local, National and International Collaborators from Artists to Scientists
and Business and Political leaders

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I also use my professional talents to volunteer for                                                                  
​and support the following organizations:                                                               
Buffalo Trails Multimedia Communications
​​Tanya Ishikawa, 37055 Highway 550, Montrose, CO 81403 USA
Email Tanya • tel: 303-819-7784 • fax: 970-316-7004​​​
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