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Personal and Professional Biographical Articles
Your story (or your loved one's story) in 3,000 words or less
Award-winning journalist creates feature profiles on people and their lives

The Process
The Buffalo Trails process of creating biographical articles generally takes between one and three months to complete. The required time depends on many factors including ability to schedule interviews, other projects previously scheduled with other clients, speed of printing company, etc. The first steps are to determine a client's needs, set up interviews and begin interviews. The final steps include creating an outline, receiving client approval to begin writing, and creating the printed biography as well as the CD copy and the DVD of the interviews.

Six Steps to a Valuable Biographical Keepsake
Step 1: The Buffalo Trails Biographer has a 20-30 minute consultation in person (Denver metro area only) or by phone to discuss client's needs and desires regarding the biography to select package and determine biographical focus and purpose.
Step 2: The biographer makes appointment for first interview with biography subject. She meets subject and interviews for 1-2 hours, writing notes and filming on a digital video camera. She can take photos at this interview session or second one. Before or during this interview, it is helpful if the subject and/or the client can supply the biographer with any materials, such as resumes, past news clippings, or important letters, to support the biographical research.
Step 3: The biographer calls the biography subject's selected friends, family or colleagues for brief phone interviews about the subject, based on guidance from the subject or the client.
Step 4: The biographer returns to visit with the biographical subject, pick up selected photos from their collection, take a few photos (if not taken previously) and complete the interview with follow-up questions from previous interviews, writing notes and filming.
Step 5: The biographer creates and delivers an outline of the proposed article to the subject and/or client for their review. The subject and/or client approves outline as is or requests changes and approves the changed outline.
Step 6: Buffalo Trails delivers a printed biography and accompanying documents, CD and DVD to client.

Basic Product
Biography (800-3,000 words) plus a one-page chronology with important dates, printed in a soft- or hard-cover souvenir book, and saved in MSWord and PDF formats on a CD with biography outline and interview notes attached (additional charge for transcription of notes), Plus a DVD with the unedited personal interviews (additional charge for video editing)

Note: Photos (1 per page) can be added to the final printed biography, if supplied by the client or subject. The biographer will also take photos at each interview session. A total of 7 photos are included in the basic packages. More photos can be added with extra charges.

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